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Wander Girl

Started 4/5/12

AN Notes: A Lost-and-Found story. This is just a random story, with a random OC and an OOC Russia .w. Probably a really fluffy story, where Russia actually has a Happy ending. With lots of sunflowers. and vodka

Please forgive any and all OCC-ness on the characters... Especially Russia. I'm not good making the characters act like they should. xD If it's really bad, feel free to give me a pointer!

Short Summary: Ivan finds a small girl. She knows nothing except a little Russian and her name. This follows the little lost girl's journey, along with Ivan's.

Last Notes:
Italics: Thoughts
"Regular Speech" in Russian for now. They are in Russia afterall. Sometimes in English, though it will say if it's in English or Russian now.

Chapter 05
Of Pancakes and Laughing


Eva yawned and sat up, rubbing her eyes with a small hand.

She was still in awe of the situation she was in.

Looking around her room, she saw the light colored dresser with a body-length mirror, then a window with a few chairs. The carpet was a gentle cream color, so were the walls, but it was very cozy. The dresser by the bathroom door was now stocked with clothes and other things.

Yawning again, the girl got off the bed, and did her morning deeds, changing into a cream colored dress with sunflowers on the sleeves. She giggled and twirled in front of the mirror, not remembering ever having such a nice dress. She took a brush and a rubber band and put her hait up into a small ponytail.

Once done, she took a last glance at the rabbits on her bed, before opening the door and walking out.

She walked silently downstairs, but stopped on the last step, smelling something absolutely wonderful.

So she hopped off the stair, and giggled at the sound of her bare feet pattering on the hardwood floor.

Making her way to the kitchern, she peered in.

She giggled again as she saw a man with his back facing her bent over a frying pan, childishly cute face peeking out from under silvery-blonde locks with a frustrated expression.

The man was wearing a tan overcoat and a pink scarf, what he wore all the time, except to sleep in, and sometimes just because he wanted to lounge.

Eva pushed open the door and walked in, stopping by the man's elbow.
"Good morning, Ivan." she said softly.

Eva had no idea why her voice was so quiet. She sometimes wanted to yell, but it was always just as soft as her voice.

The man tensed, then relaxed and knelt down to the girl's level.

"Good morning, Eva. Did you sleep well?" he asked kindly.

Eva giggled again. This big man was so nice. She had no idea why that man at the store was so afraid of him!

Yes, she saw how he was trembling. She had shrugged at the time, but now it made her wonder.

She nodded and thought about hugging him, but something held her back.

Shaking it off, she sent a curious glance at the frying pan, not knowing exactly how to phrase her question.

That was another thing she didn't understand. She knew what she wanted to say, she just didn't know the right words. It frustrated the girl.

The man, Ivan, saw her question, and chuckled, the sound echoing lightly in the kitchern.
"It's pancakes. Matthew suggested it, but..." he trailed off. Eva cocked her head to the side.

"Matthew?" she asked. Ivan's face changed slightly, but Eva didn't know what it was that was now different.

"Yes. He is... an... aquantence of mine." he finally said, voice changing just a hair. Eva just nodded, wondering if Matthew was as kind as Ivan was.

Ivan sighed, running a hand through his hair, making it stick up all over. Eva giggled at this, pointing to his hair when he questioned.

Ivan sighed again after trying to flatten his hair. "Maybe I should call Matthew... I need to go get food, but I don't think you should go without breakfast..." he said.

The girl just nodded, wondering what Matthew was like.

Ivan nodded to himself, coming to a decision.

"Stay here, da? I'll see if Matthew can come over and make something." the man said, and Eva responded with an "okay."

She hopped onto a chair, watching the frying pan warily.


Ivan walked over to the phone, re-messing up his hair with a hand.

Growling lightly under his breath, he sighed.

Why do I care so much all of a sudden?

Ivan was used to living alone.

Before, there were lots of people in my house, but now...

The Russian sighed, and dialed Matthew's number again.

After a few rings, the Canadian picked up with a soft "Hello?"

Ivan quickly told Matthew what was going on, and by the end, Matthew was laughing.

"So, you need my help? With pancakes?" Matthew finally stated, as he chuckled a last time.

Ivan had put on his creepy smile on the other end, forgetting that one one was there to be scared.

"Da. You will help me, right?" he asked sweetly. Matthew sighed, but agreed.

"Sure. Give me a few hours, and i'll be there. I am curious to see this girl. Maybe she speaks English more then Russian?" Matthew wondered out loud.

Ivan started. I never thought of that. Maybe she knows English instead?

Matthew and Ivan said goodbyes and hug up, and Ivan wandered back to the kitchen.

Eva was still in the same spot, watching the frying pan with a bored expression. Ivan chuckled, and Eva turned to him, with a smile.

The man walked over and sat opposite her after disposing of the failed pancakes.

Ivan decided to try English. "We'll shop for food later." he said in said language.

Eva's head went up, but there was less recognition there then with Russian. Ivan sighed.

So, only Russian hm? How could she know so little? What's happened to her?

Ivan snapped out of his thoughts as he remembered Matthew was coming over.

Going back to his native language, he told the little girl.

"Matthew is coming over to help with breakfast. Do you want to do anything before that?" he asked. The girl shook her head, and Ivan nodded.

"Then... What shall we do for a couple hours?" Ivan wondered.

Feeling a tug on his sleeve, he looked at the little girl, who was tugging on his sleeve.

"Snow." she said simply. Ivan laughed out loud at this, having a fair idea of what she wanted now.

"Shall we play in the snow?"
Chappie 5 yahy! :dummy:

I was really lazy, so it's probably not as long or as good... I changed a lot. :iconorzplz: If you see anything wrong, please tell me.

Anyways, chappie 6 might not come for a while, I might go out with a friend, so we'll see.

Thanks SOOOOO much for everyone who commented, favorited and viewed. It means a lot. You have no idea. :tighthug: :heart: It inspires me to keep going. ^_^
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